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Private receptions at Gadancourt

Situated at the heart of the Vexin Français regional park, the chateau of Gadancourt is ready to host your private receptions, marriages, family events, birthdays or just your smart dinner-dances with friends.
With 220 square metres of floor space inside and 1,000 square metres outside, you can host up to 170 people, all seated and served at table.
Less than an hour’s drive from Paris, the chateau offers an exceptional setting which will enable you to turn the big events in your life into unforgettable memories!
The chateau is open for receptions from 1 April to 31 October . But it can be visited throughout the year by appointment.


four connecting reception rooms

The château’s reception rooms form a suite of four connecting 18th century rooms, oriented east-west. They offer a total floor space of 220 m² and cannot be rented individually.
The dining room, with its yellow panelling similar to that to be found in Claude Monet’s house in nearby Giverny, has a surface area of 70 m².
The entrance and vestibule cover 35 m².
The blue room or grand summer salon offers 70 m² of floor space. Sound equipment can be installed here for dancing or just listening.
The white room or autumn salon, which is more intimate, has a surface area of 50 m².
These spaces dedicated to private receptions can accommodate 150 to 170 people.

an exceptional natural setting

Situated in lush, green countryside, the Chateau de Gadancourt and its park offer a peaceful, festive setting for your private receptions, in harmony with their natural setting in line with the 18th century notion of gracious living.
The outside spaces around the chateau, which are available for private use, include a main courtyard, a garden terrace ideal for cocktails, and the park.
The Chateau de Gadancourt’s park and gardenform an unspoiled, enclosed area of eight hectares without a water feature.
The lime trees, which have been planted in a five-point rectangular (quincunx) pattern at the top of the park and have been classed as a historical monument since 1948, is the point of arrival for your guests, who can park their cars there before walking the short distance to the chateau.


Our rates

Depending on the day of the week, we charge €3,000-4,000 VTA
for the private hire of our reception rooms, including free access to the park of the chateau and main courtyard.

Reception capacity: 150-170 people

To ensure that your reception is a success, we limit the number of guests who can be seated and served for dinner to 150-170.

The caterer

Catering is not included in the hire price for the reception rooms. We suggest that you choose your own caterer or one of our catering partners.

Obligatory civil liability insurance

Civil reception organiser liability insurance is obligatory. You must arrange this with your insurer or another company. Please ask your insurer for a receipt to serve as proof that you have this cover.


Fireworks are forbidden. An aerial display using luminous, coloured drones can be arranged, however, through our partner Show Drones.
A private 6–7-minute show, using 60-100 drones, costs €3,000 including taxes.

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